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Past and present clients include…

Balfour Beatty
The Daily Express
Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing
The Ritz Magazine
The Sunday Times

Half the excitement of being a freelance is writing about what I’m asked to write about – property investment, IT, insurance, or whatever the client wants. I’ve written articles on forensic accounting and the death of Vincent Van Gogh, on Enterprise Asset Management and Emirates Stadium.

So what I specialise in is writing, whether it’s on the page or online. For instance, I’ve helped a start-up business develop a website with snappy, engaging copy to bring in the clients. Whether it’s a few lines onscreen or a whole book, I’m at my happiest when I have a complex subject to get to grips with and write about so that people want to read about it. I explain, but I don’t dumb down. Sometimes, when I get the chance, I can be funny – though I don’t remember many jokes in Enterprise Asset Management – but what I write is always accurate, and always interesting.

And – crucial for a freelance – it’s always there. If I promise it by Thursday, you’ll generally have it by Wednesday. Sharp, imaginative writing that I’m proud of. Always.

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